• Fazal Khan

The strangest year of my life

"2019 was beyond any doubt the strangest year of my life.

I woke up in an ICU. I couldn't move, I had needles all over my body and I was in extreme pain!

1st January 2019. I had a near-fatal road-traffic-accident. I had 11 fractures on my face, my lower jaw was shattered. Not only was my left arm broken, but it also had a terrible nerve injury, which left most of it paralyzed. I was put on life-support and chances of my survival seemed bleak. But I fought hard and somehow managed to survive.

Mentally the battle was even tougher because my jaw was dislocated and I had the most severe form of nerve injury which meant I couldn't sing or play the guitar. The worst part was that I had no idea if I would ever be able to (All of it seemed even worse because I had JUST dropped out of MBBS to pursue music).

But I never gave up. I just knew I could do it - I knew I could still be a kickass musician!

My family and my friends always kept my morale high with their love, support, and encouragement. I would also spend a minimum of two to three hours every day exercising and doing physical therapy.

I recorded, mixed, mastered, and released my first track (Zaroorat Teri Thi Hi Nahi) on all streaming platforms only three months after my nerve surgery. That same year, 2019, on December 15th, I performed at Sofar, Delhi, which was something I had always dreamt about. 

It may not be my favorite year, but, it certainly was important.

The things I've learned, experienced, and realized have turned out to be invaluable to me."

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