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A Brief History of Choti Gold

What is Choti gold?

Choti Gold is the street name of a well-known Indian cigarette brand,

Gold Flake (64 mm).

Some interesting stuff I found on Wikipedia:

The initial ads positioned the cigarette as a companion. It was meant to be a cigarette for the elite and the rich – the gracious people of India. Advertising emphasized this comparison to gold. The statement "For the gracious people" summed the core of the brand.

This cigarette brand was the main cause of death of Y.C. Deveshwar, the former CEO of ITC Ltd.(sic)

Why do I care so much about Choti Gold?

Back when I was still pursuing medicine – and I hated attending classes, I downloaded this 4 MB DAW – which I’m pretty darn sure doesn’t qualify as a DAW - called Audacity, and I started recording music. Most of it was parody and Hindi translations of popular western songs- basically funny stuff. This project was called 'Poultry Production House'.

But one-day shit got serious. I bought a cool new USB Microphone - Blue Yeti Pro. It was such a massive investment- 18k, we had to write something serious!

We ( Sameer and I) wrote a song about a cheap-ass cigarette we really liked smoking.

Best Decision Ever.

I recorded it on Audacity!

I had no idea what mixing was. I thought EQ meant equality - I always used it - Never touched a single fader, because I thought that’s how you get a neutral sound and Compression, well, it just seemed like a stupid thing to do to your music, why would anyone want to compress their music, I wanted my recordings to be uncompressed.

We shot a funny video and uploaded it.

The response was UNREAL!

To this day, wherever I go, wherever I am performing, people call me Choti Gold,

“Aeee choti gold bhai!, Maza aagaya!”, And for some weird reason, they even know the lyrics! -which is something I’ve always struggled with, In fact, you’ll never see a live version with correct lyrics, I ALWAYS MESS IT UP! -I am very confident I still will!

Okay, I get it, it is an old song, and the video is funny - where is it btw!? - Why are you talking about it now?

Although, the original will always be close to my heart - it was my first Blue-Yeti-Pro recording, I wrote it with one of my closest friends- Sameer Abbas, the video was super funny and unique -we even experimented with stop-motion-photography (I’ve taken it down, you won’t find it anywhere), the video featured ALL of my best friends - But, I feel now I’m better equipped to produce it, I have started understanding what mixing is, I now know that EQ isn’t equality- it’s quite the opposite actually, you discriminate against certain frequencies and you favor some, and using compression isn’t a stupid thing at all- It glues everything together, attenuates the loud and boosts the quiet - come to think of it, compression is more about equality than EQ is!

Because I want Choti Gold to be something I am proud of, I produced it again! Now when people say, “Aeee choti gold bhai!, Maza aagaya!” instead of thinking - Why people identify me with that song, when I have so many better ones out there ?, I’d actually be proud of it!


Awesome! when are you releasing it?

27 June 2020 at 07:13 PM (IST)

It’ll go live on all major music streaming platforms. And because I don’t want you to miss the release, please open your ‘Google Calendar’, save the date, and set a reminder. Also, join my mailing list NOW. Head over to, scroll down, fill the form, and submit it.

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